Friday, 11 October 2013

spinach and mushroom muffin

recipe by : cha

3 eggs + 3 white eggs
2 chicken sausage - dice
2 handfuls spinach - blanch
1 handful of mushroom - button or oyster
blackpepper to taste
1 onion diced

preheat oven 170'c
greased muffin tray with butter
in a bowl whisk egg
add blanched spinach
add mushroom
add some salt and blackpepper to tasted
heat pan with some cooking oil - saute onion and chicken sausage for a minute
and off the stove - then add in the bowl - mix them well
heat muffin tray in oven for a minute
take out and scoop mixer to tray - add grated cheddar cheese
baked for 20 minute or till brown

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