Saturday, 21 April 2012

omelette chicken sausage sandwich


to start your day with sandwich. :)
most common snack to prepared, u can eat sandwich during lunch, tea break or even dinner....:) supper..a good way to munch without feeling guilty,,,seriously..i used to prepared sandwich..keep them in tupperware and keep in kids enjoyed it..and off course i always find  a way to make a better sandwich time to time..:) egg, tuna, potatoes,chicken sausage etc..almost with what i could find in my fridge...:))
today im gonna shared my version of omelette chic sausage sandwich.

recipe : SashaRahmat

ing A
4 eggs
6 to 8 pc of chicken sausage - cut to 1cm thick
2 onion - diced
2 tomatoes - diced & removed seeds (can subs with red bell pepper)
1/2 can green beans
salt & blackpepper to tasted
some mixed herb

grated moza & cheddar cheese (can subs with sliced cheese)
mayonese to spread
chili sauce

heat non stick pan
lightly beat eggs and mix all the ing A.
pour in the pan - medium heat
cooks till the egg bubbly and at this point u can spread grated cheese

turn over the omelette & cooks for a while
off the heat &
it ready to be served

served with spreaded mayonese on bread , some lettuce & chili sauce & sliced cheese

or served it with toasted bread , spread some mayo , lettuce & chili sauce
as u can see topping some grated mozza & cheddar cheese on the omelette.


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