Monday, 19 December 2011

ENPC 2011

assalamualaikum & salam 1 malaysia

today  morning,.. me and gals heading to putrajaya. my lovely daughter  won 3rd place in the photo competition held by ENSEARCH NATIONAL PHOTO COMPETITION 2011 .She entered a special award category. and ALHAMDULLILAH,congratzs to u dear,....... not bad eh for the begineers and she did it just for fun..never knew that she will win....:))

THE PHOTO for the comp. titled ''THE SHY BUG''....

she received the certificate & present
from puan halimah hassan.
acting director general, dept. of environment malaysia.

 winner from all category.

akeelah and gabriel , the winner in the same category.

tqvm to the ministry of nature resources & enviroment for endorsedment and to all sponsors for your generousity.

she won nikon camera, a certificate , coffee table book & leaflet etc.

the foodie!! nyum nyum nyum!! tqvm to ensearch:))

for more info visit ENPC at facebook.


  1. salam shasa - congrats to both of them...well done..

  2. Tahniah Kak Cha..wahhh dapat kamera tu. Bestnya

  3. salam kama...alhamdullilah..tu yg payahnya kama,,,dia dh kata klu beli nikon pun boleh ni mummy..hemmmm camne tu semua benda dia nak..:))

  4. Congrats to your daughter..You must be proud of her..:)

  5. "salam cha...dah lama tk jenguk cha..sibuk sgt la cha..pakaba...~tahniah utk Akeelah(sm lak nama ngan ank sy yg no 4 tu, Aqilah)..wah dpt kamera lgiiii...."