Saturday, 26 November 2011

pasta soup

assalamualaikum buat semua ..lama sungguh xde post n3 eh..nway hope semuanya ceria selalu....klu x ceria pun kena jgk ceria ..anak2 pun dh start cuti......pada yg menghabiskan cuti tahunan utk anak2 pada musim cuti sekolah ni diucapkankan njoyyyy yr holidays...njoy to the max...bila lagi kan...nanti kan sekejap jer ..dan x dan anak2 dah besar2..u gonna miss all these days...:))

nway pnjg lak mukadimah sy hr ni selesai order dr abg's fren...2 moro will collect..musim angry bird agaknya semuanya nk angry bird..lama x menggentel fondant.....mcm dh ilang touch lak..:))

hr ni bkn nk share fondant deco yea..esok kita ni smbl baking cuppies , sy cooked pasta soup for brunch.

resepi adaptasi dari pn mardiana sarnen aka pn D... im sharing the recipe with others yea...tq D for the recipe...alahai suka lah cha coz masak2 panggil anak2 mkn..licin ...suka sngt2..coz xde leftover!!

look at that swimming in the soup....later they will for sure swam in my children's tummy!!

u can use any type of pasta..but i prefer ''farm pasta'' with animal character..actually it's more to my children..they enjoyed it!!

tgk pic sebelah, bunny in the line...lolss

nak kenal nama2 pasta? sila  refer di link INI. atau pun di SINI....

500 gm pasta (any type of pasta such as macaroni, CONCHIGLIE, shell ) - rebus (follow direction on packet) , tos & ketepikan

400 gm chicken breast - cube
2 tomatoes - diced
carrot - diced
1 stick of celery - cut small
1 cloves garlic - crushed
1/2 onion - diced
1 bay leaf
thyme ( i used 1 tsp of italian herbs)
salt & black pepper to tasted
1 cube chic stok
as enough water / chic stok

sautee garlic and onion in olive oil
add in celery ,tomato and carrot
add in  black pepper, italian herbs & bay leave...
add in chicken cubed
sautee till the chicken is half cook
add in water , let it boiled then add in pasta & salt to tasted.. simmer for a while & ready to served



  1. Cha apakhabar.kak ros pun lama tak jenguk...bertambah2 la sibuknya cuti skolah ni ya.

  2. yea kk ros....cha also lama x menjenguk dapur akak:))